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"What a few of our reecent students have to say"
Deliverance 301 - Part 1

Deliverance 301 part 1 was an awesome class.  It gave me so much needed insight into me first and then into the workings in the body of Christ  This class has provided me with essential tools for getting and staying delivered.  It also set the foundation for a hunger for continued education and learning in this agea.  I recommend this class to everyone.  -        A. Fox

Deliverance 301 - Part 1

Deliverance 301 part 1 class was an awesome class.  It has awakened a part of me that was laying dormant for so long.  I learned so much about Carol, from anger, to control was identified, however, I was given the tools to do self deliverance.  This class taught me how to identify the problem then continually do the deliverance.  New found freedom and loving it. - C. Poslie

Deliverance 301 - Part 1

I have learned a lot about Deliverance!  Attending Deliverance 301 classes at DU has helped me understand a lot about my own behavior as well as the behavior of others.  Learning what I need to do in order to be free and help others get free from whatever issues are a hinderance.  Learning to love more and see people beyond the surface.  I am grateful for each lesson. - L. Dorsey

Deliverance 301 - Part 1

Deliverance 301 has awakened my spirit to a new level.  I have discovered more of who God created me to be and not who I have become through the world.   I can love people past their actions, love them for who they are and not who they appear to be.  Through this class I realized the urgency of knowing God's Word (Him) for myself, to be more intimate with Him. - M. Tillis

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