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Level 1
Laying the Foundation
Level 2
Moving your Forward

This school embodies training classes to equip all believers to minister in & to the body of Christ and the world effectively.  The results of attending classes in this school is a full working knowledge of how to truly lay down your life as a servant in the body, a soldier in the army of the Lord and a true representative of Christ in the earth realm.

Courses in the School Of Ministry Training include, but are not limited to:

  • Effective Kingdom Citizenship (Parts I, II, and III)

  • Strategizing For The Next Level

  • Minister 101


School Of Empowerment

This school is established to empower those who are truly thirsty for the GREATER.  Those individuals who have a desire for specialized training to be more effective in the equipping & edifying of the Body of Christ.  This school will assist believers in properly identifying, locating & eradicating the real enemy for true deliverance.  This school will develop snipers in the spirit.

Courses in the School Of Empowerment include, but are not limited to:

  • Spiritual Warefare

  • Armour Bearer

  • Deliverance

This school is designed to assist leaders and their staff to be effective coaches and mentors, operating in the Spirit of Excellence.  It also examines the place of structure and divine order within the local assembly and the business office, while showing the importance of approaching ministry and business in a more systematic way which creates a foundation for success.

Courses in the School Of Leadership include, but are not limited to:

  • Becoming A Person Of Influence

  • Developing Your Influence From Anywhere

  • The Seven Demands Of Leadership

School Of Kingdom Economics

This school is designed to facilitate an understanding of those biblical principles and spiritual laws that govern the economic system of the Kingdom of God, and those that govern the prosperity of the children of the King.   This student will become a true financier (An expert in large scale financial affairs) in the Kingdom of God and the world at large.

Courses in the School Of Kingdom Economics include, but are not limited to:

  • God's Money - Your Stewardship

  • Wealth Is An Attitude

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