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About the Founder

Paulette K. Broach is a multi-gifted world changer and has been equipping people to fulfill their destinies and maximize their potential for over 20 years.  


      Highly respected by persons from all walks of life, a wife, mother, bible teacher, psalmist, entrepreneur, mentor, consultant and author, Palette K. Broach reaches in the depth of her life experiences, draws on the knowledge and wisdom of them and pours out unselfishly into the lives of others.


     A much sought after speaker Palette K. Broach takes the Word of God and makes it understandable and applicable for practical everyday use.


Her foundational scripture is Proverbs 4:7 “Wisdom is the principle thing therefore get wisdom, with all thy getting get understanding.”


She says “the wisdom is to get the understanding which in turn empowers you to stand under the pressure of the enemy.”


     Palette K. Broach is fueled by a passion to fulfill God’s mandate of a worldwide Dominion Call.  A Call to the People of God to “Arise and take their rightful place.”   Her drive on character building and holy living are made easy merging spirituality with everyday living.  This provokes Kingdom Citizens to pursue a life of integrity.  Where ever she treads Chancellor Broach exhorts and encourages her listeners to deepen their intimacy with God and arise to their divine “Call” to destiny.   


      Palette K. Broach is the Founder & Chancellor of Dominion University, “a weapon of reconciliation assisting Kingdom Citizens to their place of destination—Dominion, & CEO of  New Beginning Enterprises Int’l a for profit company where she works along side her husband, Mr. Cedric Broach (President) establishing the People of God in entrepreneurship.  


The clarion call has gone forth, will you answer the Call to a Dominion Takeover.

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